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Drywall Installation & Repair in Knoxville, IA

Drywall Installation

As experienced contractors, here at Timberline Diversified, Inc. Drywall Plaster & Insulation in Knoxville, IA, we work hard to get the job done quickly, while still maintaining the quality you expect. We carry a wide selection of drywall materials to suit your needs and work quickly so we can minimize inconvenience to your life.

If you are a business owner needing plaster repair, we are happy to come out and do the job. We will come at a time that fits right into your schedule and fix the issue promptly so you don’t have to wait. Preventive measures will help you save money on costly repairs, which is what we’re always striving for.

In your home, professional drywall repair is important. Proper drywall installation is easy to repair, moisture and mold resistant, and easily soundproofed. We’ll put drywall up in your home quickly and always get it done the correct way.

As fully licensed and insured contractors, we are trained in all the latest trends and techniques. Your drywall project is completed to the highest standard when you hire us to come out and handle the job. Your trust in us is extremely important, and we will never take your trust for granted.

Contact us today and we’ll show you the difference that our team will make in the overall quality of your project. 


We are certified specialists with a wealth of experience and skill. When you hire us you know your needs are being professionally taken care of.

Affordable Options

Don't settle for expensive drywall service and repair when you can get affordable prices from us. We'll always stay within budget and get the job completed quickly.


We're a leader in drywall insulation and repair throughout the region. Contact us today to find out how we'll get your project off to a great start.